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Iran Says It Will Enrich Uranium to 60%, in Effort to Strengthen Hand in Nuclear Talks

Iran has announced that it will begin to enrich some of its uranium stock to 60% for the first time in history, a move that is likely designed to strengthen its hand in the developing nuclear talks between Washington and Tehran in Vienna. The announcement also comes just days after an attack on its main nuclear facility in Natanz, which Iran blamed on Israeli forces. The country’s negotiators plan to continue to participate in the nuclear talks in Vienna, which aim to constrain its nuclear activities in return for a reversal of American economic sanctions.

Former US officials state that Iran’s announcement may have been a move to counter the notion that its nuclear program had suffered a major setback after Sunday’s attack. The attack caused an electrical blackout that destroyed several centrifuges. Israeli media reported that the attack was carried out by the nation’s Mossad intelligence agency, however, the Israeli government refuses to comment on the incident. The White House has stated that the US had no involvement in the attack.

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