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SpaceX is building launch pad tanks out of Starship parts

SpaceX has launched a program to install the first of numerous propellant storage tanks at its South Texas launch facilities. The move, although it may seem ordinary, is revolutionized by the fact that the storage tanks will be built out of Starship parts. the first signs of the self-built storage tanks begun appearing at SpaceX’s Boca Chica Starship factory two months ago in mid-February. Just weeks later, the first of SpaceX’s brand cryogenic storage tanks will be installed and insulated.

At least two other tanks are almost completed, according to the company. Although it may seem like a waste of time or a distraction to build the storage tanks at SpaceX sites, the financial benefit is massive. SpaceX designing and building its own custom bulk storage tanks means that not only is the technology entirely SpaceX’s product, but it also means production is extremely cost-efficient.

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