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Mozambique town Palma ‘retaken’ from militant Islamists

Mozambique’s military has announced that it has regained full control of Palma, a town that was raided and taken over by militant Islamists over a week ago. An army spokesman stated that a significant number of militants were killed during the advance. Local media reported that residents were able to return to the town, some back to homes that were looted and destroyed. Dozens of civilians were killed and at least 11,000 displaced as a result of the raid, which occurred on March 24.

Among those killed were South African and British nationals. The attack marks one of the biggest conducted by the militants in northern Mozambique since the group launched an insurgency in the region roughly three years ago. Communication between residents of the town and Mozambique remains cut, blocking access to government assistance for 75,000 citizens. The militants were members of the group the Islamic State, locally known as al-Shabab.

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