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A Ransomware Gang Is Asking Victims’ Customers To Aid In Extortion Efforts

The Clop ransomware crew is reportedly using a surprising new tactic in which they ask customers of the breached company for extortion help. The sophisticated hacking group has been linked to high-profile hacks, most recently the Accellion File Transfer appliances compromise. Like most other cyber-criminal groups, Clop steals data from its victims to pressure them into paying ransom demands, threatening to release the sensitive data if the money isn’t fronted.

More recently, Clop has been approaching victims’ C-level executives directly. According to Bleeping Computer, Clop has claimed responsibility for a breach involving a major maternity clothing retailer. As part of this attack, the hackers used data stolen from the company to contact customers and urge them to make the company pay up to avoid having their information leaked. The emails sent to customers look like breach notification, mentioning that the recipient’s personal data was stolen and will soon be leaked if ransom demands are not met. The note urges customers to call or write the store and ask to protect their privacy.

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