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State AGs Seek Crackdown On 3D-Printed ‘Ghost Guns’

The debate over 3D printed “ghost guns” has intensified over the past several years as the technology becomes more accessible and the printing of 3D guns is more frequent. The technology has improved dramatically, and more firms are distributing 3D printers, resulting in an increase of individuals having them in their homes. On social media platforms, gun enthusiasts have promoted 3D-printed guns, sharing details on how to do them at home.

Recent shootings have raised questions about how to regulate all types of firearms, including those that are 3D printed. The Biden administration has recently called for gun reform, including universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. This would effectively ban all 3D printer owners from printing and using guns. The first blueprint for a 3D gun released to the public was created by Defense Distributed. The gun was a one-shot handgun called the Liberator and was released in 2013 by the Texas non-profit group. This sparked a years-long debate over the jurisdiction of these guns and how to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

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