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Insurance Giant CNA Hit with Novel Ransomware Attack

Insurance provider CNA has suffered from a ransomware attack taking its systems offline temporarily. The attack occurred earlier this week, and the perpetrators used a new variant of the Phoenix CryptoLocker malware. CNA also experienced significant business disruption due to measures taken by cybersecurity professionals to secure its systems from any further damage. CNA is one of the largest commercial insurance providers in the world. CNA’s website was temporarily shut down, however, it displayed a message about the attack to viewers.

The statement released information about the attack, including that it impacted CNA systems, such as corporate email, and that it caused a significant network disruption. No further information regarding what information was exposed or how the attackers were able to breach CNA’s systems has been released so far. However, the ransomware used is a CryptoLocker, which typically encrypts all files on compromised machines and demands a ransom from the victims.

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