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Forex Broker Leaks Billions of Customer Records Online

Over 20TB of sensitive customer data has been leaked online by popular trading broker Forex after it suffered from a misconfigured cloud database. Researchers at the site WizCase spotted the Easticsearch server wide open, without encryption or password protection. Forex boasts as many as 16 million global traders and is one of the world’s busiest online brokers.

According to the WizCase report, the exposed database contained over 16 billion records, exposing millions of customers’ personally identifiable information. The information exposed in the leak includes passport numbers, phone numbers, full names, email and billing addresses, social media IDs, verification scans of documents including driver’s licenses, bank account statements, utility bills, and credit cards. The trove of PII could be used by cyber criminals to commit identity fraud, create phishing attacks, or other crimes.

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