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FDA authorizes first AI-powered armband for COVID-19 screening

The first artificial intelligence-powered device for Covid-19 monitoring has been authorized by the Federal Drug Administration. The device uses machine learning, AI, light sensors, and other technology to sense blood flow and ensure that Covid-19 patients are at risk for blood clotting. The device was created by Tiger Tech Solutions and is strapped to the upper arm, similar to many consumer fitness trackers. The AI model considered data on the person’s pulse rate and other factors to determine the risk of blood clotting.

According to the FDA, the wearable could also help detect people who are carrying the virus but are asymptomatic. The device will not take the place of a diagnostic test and is not designed to do so, however, it will provide a second screening option for hospitals. Essentially, the device seeks to identify the presence of certain biomarkers and can effective determine whether an individual is carrying the virus or is at high risk for blood clotting.

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