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Australia floods: Thousands evacuated as downpours worsen

New South Wales in Australia has had severe flooding over the past few days with the heavy rainfall predicted to continue. 18,000 people have been evacuated and the state’s coast is under a severe weather warning. Torrential downpours over the last few days have caused rivers and dams around Sydney and south-east Queensland to overflow. 

10 million people are under a weather warning and the military is helping with search and rescue. As of late Monday, there have been no deaths reported. 200 schools in NSW will remain closed on Tuesday because the overflowing rivers have cut off roads and bridges. There have been orders to evacuate in at least 15 low lying locations and more have been ordered to seek shelter away from the flooded areas or to prepare for an evacuation notice. It is predicted that conditions will worsen before Wednesday, bringing more risk of flash flooding to NSW.

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