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Fraudsters jump on Clubhouse hype to push malicious Android app

Popular new app Clubhouse is being impersonated in a campaign pushing a fraudulent and malicious copycat to Andriod users. There is currently no Andriod version of the app, allowing scammers to falsely advertise the fake copy as the new Android version. The app recently gained popularity after Elon Musk tweeted about using it. The audio-only chat app allows users to listen in on conversations in real-time.

Until Andriod releases a version of the social media platform, fraudsters are likely going to keep leveraging this opportunity. ESET found and disclosed the malicious app on Friday. The app appears to be a clone of the Clubhouse website. Thankfully, the app was blocked from the Google Play store due to its anti-virus measures. However, ESET reported that the perpetrators of the Android Clubhouse scam used a “Get it on Google Play” button to try and fool visitors into believing it is legitimate.

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