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IBM Announces Cloud Marketplace For Secure Chip Design

IBM has announced that they have established new marketplaces hosted inside a hybrid cloud environment that fosters the secure development of microelectronics. The secure chip design platform will service both the commercial industry and the Defense Department. The marketplace has been named The Marketplace for Advanced, Rapid, Quanifiably-assured, Trusted Semiconductors (MARQTS). The platform was created due to a recent Department of Defense initiative that sought to advance design methods with security through a different transaction award.

The marketplace announcement has some weary as concerns over the safety and security of the microelectronics supply chain continue to grow. Just last week, the House Armed Services Committee created a new defense supply chain task force, highlighting the chips as a weak link in the supply chain. On February 24, Biden also signed an executive order that instructs federal agencies to conduct supply chain reviews to ensure that proper security measures are maintained.

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