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Proposed Bill Would Allow Americans to Sue Foreign Cyber-Actors

A new bill introduced in the House of Representatives earlier this week proposes that US citizens be able to seek monetary compensation in the event of a foreign cyber-attack on them or their assets. The legislation is titled the Homeland and Cyber Threat Act also referred to as HACT. The bill was reintroduced last week after undergoing edits brought forth in its initial hearing in August 2019. This would ultimately allow Americans to make claims in federal or state courts if they are affected by cyberattacks conducted by foreign states.

The Act seeks to eliminate the immunity of foreign states, officials, and government employees, in US courts. Americans would be able to file a claim if they experience damage to or loss of property, personal injury, or harm to reputation. Activities that could solicit a victim seeking monetary compensation include the use of malware or other harmful applications to infect computers located in the US or unauthorized access to a computer in the US storing confidential information.

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