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U.S and China Engage, Tentatively, on Climate Change

The US and China have allegedly engaged in a new exercise that could allow both countries to gain insight into whether they can work together on shared priorities despite tensions and disagreements. Both countries agreed to go-chair a G-20 study group that focuses on climate-related financial risks, a point of contention for the world’s two largest economies. The move is a step in the right direction in a low-stakes environment that might be successful in bringing Washington and Beijing together for a common cause.

Last month, the co-chair initiative was announced by both parties separately, with no mention of the other. However, the founder of the Center for American Progress think tank in Washington John Podesta believes that both sides are inching closer to each other, aiming to make climate a safe topic to discuss and communicate strategies. Both sides view each other as a major competitor, creating tensions and stalling communication.

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