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FAA Names Five Host Airports to Test Counter-Drone Tech

On Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration announced which airports it had selected to host assessments of new technology designed to reduce the risks posed by drones. Ultimately, the FAA wants to scrap previous harsh restrictions over commercial drones, including where they can fly over. These tests are a step in the right direction in terms of companies’ ability to capitalize on flying technology.

The airports will include Syracuse Hancock International, Rickenbacker International, Huntsville, Seattle-Tacoma, and Atlantic City. The FAA’s initial testing occurred at William J Hughes Technical Center, right next to the Atlantic City airport in New Jersey. The FAA also invited airport operators to share advice based on drone detection and mitigation-related technology. At each of the named airports, researchers will be evaluating 10 different technologies or systems on drone technology. All of the evaluations have the intent to create standards for monitoring and confronting drones at airports nationwide and to ensure that risky drones don’t interfere with airport operations.

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