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Police Departments Experiment With 70-Pound Robot Dog

The New York Police Department is currently experimenting with a robotic dog that is outfitted with cameras, lights, communication systems, and other high-tech features that allow law enforcement agencies to see and hear its environment in real-time. The NYPD allegedly acquired the robot in December of last year and has utilized it in active duty three times. The robotic dog is blue with a square body, legs, and no head, according to sources familiar with the program.

The robot is referred to as Spot by robotics company Boston Dynamics, and currently retails for $74,000 at the most basic package. NYPD officials believe that the technology could help save both victim and officer lives and reduce risks for officers collecting intel in risky places. This could also eliminate the need to send humans into dangerous situations until the incident has been observed and analyzed. The NYPD has been using robotic technology to save lives in situations such as hostage takeovers and hazmat occasions.

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