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U.S. is ‘not prepared to defend or compete in the A.I. era,’ says expert group

According to a group of experts chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the US is drastically underprepared for the next era of artificial intelligence technology. The National Security Commission on AI released a massive 756-page report on Monday detailing how China will likely replace the US as the world’s leader in AI technology. The report states that this could have serious military implications. The commission began reviewing the issue in March of 2019, resulting in the finalized report released earlier this week. The commission is made up of business executives, academic leaders, national security professionals, and technologists.

The report also urges President Biden to deny calls for a global ban on highly controversial AI-powered autonomous weapons. This is due to the fact that the expert group believes that China and Russia are unlikely to keep promises on any treaty they sign and will likely move forward with producing the weapons. The AI industry has been rapidly growing and shows no signs of slowing down as more and more solutions emerge.

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