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Passwords, Private Posts Exposed in Hack of Gab Social Network

Gab, a social networking platform that caters to conservatives, has been targeted by the Distributed Denial of Secrets group (DDoSecrets), which claims to have more than 70 gigabytes of data exfiltrated from the platform. DDoSecrets calls itself a transparency collective and has now allegedly hacked an organization that prides itself on free speech and the free flow of information online. However, these policies have also drawn in alt-right and far-right users who are able to post hateful content without repercussions.

DDoSecrets claims that they were able to obtain the exposed data via an SQL injection vulnerability within the site. The data has been viewed by Wired, who confirmed that it appears to contain individual and group profiles, hashed passwords, and 40 million public and private posts. DDoSecrets has allegedly made the decision to limit the distribution of the dataset to protect the privacy of “innocent Gab users” and the integrity of their accounts.

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