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Eighteen Killed in Myanmar’s Bloodiest Day of Protests Since Coup

At least 18 people died over the weekend in Myanmar, according to United Nations officials, marking the bloodiest days of protests since Myanmar military forces staged a coup and ousted elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Protestors took to the streets to protest the coup, however, this weekend they were met with more resistance from law enforcement and military forces. This marks the military’s growing willingness to use lethal force against its own people, despite international condemnation for the coup. Several world leaders have spoken out against the military uprising, which ended a period of democracy for the nation.

The deaths all occurred on Sunday in different cities across the country. In the nation’s largest city, Yangon, at least three died from bullet wounds, and 16 others were injured. Four people died in the southern city of Dawei after protestors allegedly refused to comply with orders to disperse. Images of the protests, bloodshed, and chaos have flooded social media. Local media outlets showed pictures of bloodied protestors, tear gas, and crowds of men and women donning hard hats and goggles in anticipation of violence.

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