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Air Force Base Prepping for EMP Vulnerability Tests

The Joint Base San Antonio in Lackland, Texas, is preparing to test its infrastructure against an EMP attack, which consists of an electromagnetic pulse. The base is also seeking to conduct preliminary site surveys to design future tests. The base is seeking an EMP tailored survey of the Petroleum, Oil, and Lubrication complex, which makes up multiple buildings in two areas of the base. The test is being conducted in accordance with a Trump administration executive order that requires the military to devote more resources to defend against EMP attacks.

The executive order also sought to ensure federal agencies involved with securing critical infrastructure to build up resistance against an EMP attack, during which an electromagnetic wave could potentially ruin all electronic components in its radius. The initial tests at the Texas base won’t include actual electromagnetic waves, instead consisting of a review of applicable devices and infrastructure potentially vulnerable to EMP waveforms. This report will inform the next stage of vulnerability testing, according to the performance work statement.

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