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Re-Embrace American S&T

The Potomac Institute for Technology studies has released a new brief outlining key areas in which the organization will focus on implementing with the goal of furthering science and technology efforts in the US. The publication serves as a guide for other cutting-edge-tech-focused companies on how to reinvigorate American science and technology. The first is to apply science and technology leadership to all aspects of American life, inspiring people to continue American trends of innovation and scientific advancement.

The Potomac Institute for Technology also writes that education should be viewed with utmost importance, particularly ensuring that infrastructure for advancing access to information is available to both students and employees. Health care solutions are also critical to entering a new wave of cutting-edge technology, with the Institute recommending that biotechnology advances and other innovations such as sensors, data analytics, and telemedicine are essential to entering 21st-century health care. Finally, the Institute states that science and technology are key in national security. Science and technology can help mitigate some threats the US faces and will face in the 21st century.

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