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TDoS Attacks Take Aim at Emergency First-Responder Services

The FBI has warned that telephone denial-of-service attacks (TDoS) are targeting emergency dispatch centers, threatening their operations such as calling for emergency services like police, firefighters, or EMTs. The attacks affect the availability and readiness of these call centers, according to the FBI. A TDoS attack floods the recipient with junk calls to prevent incoming and outgoing calls. These cyberattacks can also be used simultaneously with a physical attack, during which calls to 911 and other emergency numbers would be severely difficult.

The reason behind the TDoS attack operators targeting critical infrastructure such as Public Safety Answering Points is unclear, according to the FBI. These attacks may be automated, using VoIP software to make tens or hundreds of calls in rapid succession. When the attack is conducted manually, adversaries typically utilize social networks to encourage other individuals to flood a particular number.

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