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Iran to Tightly Restrict Inspectors’ Access if U.S. Sanctions Not Lifted

Iran has warned that it plans to restrict inspectors’ access to monitoring the country’s nuclear activities next week if the US fails to lift economic sanctions. Iran has been heavily pushing for sanctions to be dropped since President Joe Biden took office last January. Iran had already indicated that it was displeased with the sanctions imposed on the country since 2018 under the Trump administration, and has a long history of battling with inspection organizations required to look into its nuclear activities and programs.

The restrictions will allegedly take place on February 23, according to Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency. This was confirmed via correspondence between the two entities. The restrictions would severely limit the ability of the inspection agency to oversee Iran’s nuclear work. Monitoring of nuclear facilities is the last major component of the 2015 nuclear deal that Tehran had initially been abiding by. Since 2019, Iran has been fighting this aspect of the agreement in retaliation for US withdrawal.

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