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Various Malware Lurks in Discord App to Target Gamers

Zscaler ThreatLabZ, a cybersecurity research firm, found that attackers have been spamming emails and legitimate-looking links into gaming software, with an end goal of dropping the Epsilon ransomware on gamers’ systems. Other malicious applications being utilized in the attacks are the XMRig crypto miner and token stealers. A rise in online gaming has sparked interest in the large online community. The latest operation includes planting malicious files inside the Discord platform to trick users into clicking on the file.

Researchers reported multiple active campaigns that are designed to trigger an infection chain and drop the Epsilon malware, Trojans, and cryptominers, according to Zscaler. Attackers are also using the service for command and control communication, according to researchers. Although Discord was originally built for gamers to communicate while online, it has since become a social platform for gamers to create communities called “servers.”

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