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Treasury Bureau to Outfit Onsite Employees with Contact-Tracing Wearables

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, under the Treasury Department, is set to introduce 4G supported social distancing wearables to implement a stronger contact tracing program that was launched recently. The devices are able to pinpoint possibly high-risk interactions, helping the agency to shut down an outbreak as quickly as possible if one were to occur. Some in-office employees will receive the devices, which clip onto belts, shirts, or lanyards. Essentially, the tools capture the proximities and time spent between users.

When employees are less than six feet apart, the wearable tools provide real-time audible and visual alerts and can notify management about who violated protocol, and at what time. The solutions will be distributed to employees at the East and West Currency facilities via a contract the agency awarded to the commercial vendor Triax Technologies, according to a notice released by the Treasury on Tuesday.

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