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Scammers Selling Fake Covid-19 Vaccination Cards for Just $20

According to researchers, scammers are constructing fraudulent Shopify online stores to sell fake Covid-19 vaccine cards to those who do not want to receive the vaccine. DomainTools found that the decentralized nature of the US healthcare system has allowed for this to happen, as the cards only need to carry the logo from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As of right now, 13% of Americans say they will refuse the vaccine. Scammers have capitalized on the opportunity and have begun selling fake immunization cards for those who want to enjoy the benefits.

The security firm DomainTools stated that the cards looked authentic and were being sold for as little as $20 each on domains such as covid-19vaccinationcards .com, which has a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate. Although selling the cards is not necessarily illegal, the level of intent to pass as legitimate cards from the CDC is. If a buyer were to fraudulently use the card, they could also face legal challenges, according to security researchers. Those who already have the cards have been warned to refrain from sharing pictures online as it may help the fraudsters create more convincing copies.

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