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Army-Built Quantum Sensor Can Detect Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Other Signals

Army researchers have announced that they have produced a quantum sensor that can detect the complete radio spectrum and pick up Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, AM, and FM radio communications on frequencies up to 20GHz. The devices are not ready to be deployed to the field, according to the Army, but could pave the way for new tech capabilities to support electronic warfare. The Army research team has been investigating Rydberg atoms as building blocks for a quantum repeater, according to the Army. This tech could potentially distribute entanglement over long distances.

Quantum entanglement is essential for enabling the power of quantum computing and sensing. The device that was designed by Army researchers contains two main components: lasers, and a small glass cell that contains atoms. The lasers are used to excite the atoms into the desired Rydberg state. The user then reads the atoms’ response to the electric field they seek to sense. The technology, while not usable quite yet, represents an exciting development in the quantum computing field.

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