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Government Seeks ‘Dog-Like,’ Throwable and Other Robots

The Air Force is seeking prototypes for two small dog-like robots that could help patrol small battle spaces and provide the military with additional data resources. The request for information was released on Sunday and seeks to stay up to date on evolving technology such as robotics. The robot would need to be able to operate in all weather conditions and terrain, according to the solicitation. The bot should also boast WiFi and 4G/LTE capabilities, following a preprogrammed course or manually directed behind the scenes.

The military has also expressed interest in a throwbot, a device that can be thrown through the air while collecting instantaneous video and audio reconnaissance within indoor and outdoor environments. This could be used for locating suspects, confirming the presence of hostages, and other essential functions. This tech would need to be able to move through structures and report real-time videos of what is inside.

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