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Packaging Giant WestRock Says Ransomware Attack Hit Production

WestRock, an Atlanta based packaging giant announced on Friday that they had been the victims of a recent ransomware attack that impacted the company’s ability to operate, its information technology (IT), and operational technology (OT) systems. The company has simultaneously been investigating the incident while attempting to restore affected systems. WestRock has responded to the attack proactively by shutting down certain systems and enhancing cybersecurity measures on others that remain in operation. Although the incident impacted production efforts, WestRock is now almost back to normal in terms of business operations. Staff are performing some automated tasks manually until systems are restored.

WestRock’s mill system production was allegedly affected, with the company stating that its February 4 production metrics were approximately 85,000 tons lower than planned. WestRock’s 2020 annual report states that the packaging mills had an annual production capacity of 12 million tons, and its consumer packaging mill 4 million tons. WestRock has not released information about the attack itself and what the variant of ransomware used was.

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