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Google Chrome Zero-Day Afflicts Windows, Mac Users

Google has released a warning to its customers stating that a zero-day vulnerability is being actively exploited by attackers and encouraging Google Chrome browser users to maintain aware of the issue and implement a patch as soon as it is available. The flaw lies in the V8 open-source web engine and affects version 88 of the popular browser on Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. Google stated that the flaw stems from a heap-buffer overflow, a type of buffer overflow error in which the region of a process’ memory can suffer from an overflow of data.

On Thursday, Google conceded that it was aware of reports that the flaw was being exploited in the wild, claiming that they were working to issue a patch for the critical severity flaw. In the event of a buffer overflow, the affected program will behave incorrectly and allow for attackers to perform remote code execution. However, Google did not specify the potential impact of the vulnerability, likely to prevent any further risk to its customers. Google is currently working on issuing a patch for the vulnerability.

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