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Al Qaeda’s leader in Yemen under arrest, UN report reveals

According to the UN, Khalid Batarfi has been arrested in Yemen and has been detained for several months. Batarfi was the leader of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The development could open up more information about al Qaeda’s operations to counterterrorism agencies and aid them in their campaign against terrorist groups. Batarfi was arrested as part of an operation in Ghayda City in October. His second-hand man, Saad Atef al Awlaqi, died during the operation.

the UN provided no further details on Batarfi’s whereabouts or the operation, however, this marks the first time Batarfi’s arrest has officially confirmed his arrest. Speculations circled in October when the SITE Intelligence group advertised unconfirmed reports that the al Qaeda militant had been arrested by security forces in Yemen and then handed over to Saudi Arabia.

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