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The Elements of the China Challenge

The United States office of the Secretary of State recently released a document detailing the threats posed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the US and how to address and mitigate these risks. The report states that tensions between the CCP and the US have triggered a new power competition. China is an inherently different actor than Russia was during the Cold War as China seeks to revise the world order to come out on top rather than aim for preeminence within the already-established world order. The document claims that the biggest challenge in facing China is its conduct, which is based on the 20th century Marxist Leninist dictatorship.

The CCP’s government model allowed for prodigious economic growth, propelling the country into the 21st century as a world power to be rivaled with. The CCP now wields economic power to coerce countries around the world, reshape international organizations in line with its socialist policies and ideals, and bend foreign nations to accommodate to the CCP’s agenda. According to the report, these actions enable the country to pursue its quest to expand throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Among many other aspects, the report also indicates that the CCP poses a growing military threat as they continue to expand their military’s manpower and capabilities to rival the US.

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