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Mexico Arrests 12 Police Officers Over Migrant Massacre

Mexico has arrested twelve state police officers from the northern border state Tamaulipas for their connection to a recent migrant massacre in which 19 Guatemalan migrants headed for the US were killed. The incident occurred last month and was discovered when the charred remains of 19 humans were found in two burned vehicles in Camargo, a town close to the Texas border that remains incredibly volatile due to organized crime groups fighting over control of drug smuggling and human trafficking routes.

The 12 police officers are being charged with homicide, abuse of authority, and providing false information, according to the Tamaulipas attorney general. The new information exposes more of the endemic corruption of Mexico’s local and state police forces. However, the corruption may even go higher than law enforcement as Mexico’s federal government declared that it was investigating why one of the vehicles in which the dead migrants were found had been seized by federal migration officials in a raid in December.

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