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Vaccination Delays Put Global Rebound at Risk

Vaccination timelines set forth by various countries are all falling by the wayside as vaccine makers fail to meet deadlines, creating shortages in countries such as Germany and Mexico. This is raising fears that many people will be unable to receive the vaccine, pushing the pandemic or its economic effects well into 2022. The US and some small countries are making significant strides towards vaccinating most of their populations by late summer, however.

Countries with low caseloads are not rushing the vaccine projects, however, they are not planning to reopen borders anytime soon. This includes countries such as Australia and New Zealand, which have been stringent on travel to the country. Airlines have hoped to be able to resume flights to the continent after the vaccine was released, however, the borders remain closed. According to UBS, the current rates of vaccination mean that only 10% of the world would be inoculated by the end of the year. Only 10 countries are currently on track to vaccinate roughly one-third of their population within the year.

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