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Facial Recognition Ethical Framework Launched by BSIA

A new guide has been released by the British Security Industry Association, detailing the ethical and legal uses of facial recognition technology, particularly Automated Facial Recognition (AFR). The document outlines the steps organizations are obligated to take regarding using facial recognition tech responsibly while avoiding ethical issues. The framework seeks to clarify distinctive application types or either verification or identification.

The work should serve as both government advice and recommendations on legal AFR usage, which will apply to organizations both in and outside the security industry. The guide’s overall goal is to allow organizations to capitalize on the technology while ensuring that no individuals are discriminated against in the process. The concern likely arises from the evidence that facial recognition technology contains racial biases. The document states that compliance with the law is essential when using this technology and that the guide should help to realize the ethical realities and consequences of using an artificial intelligence AFR system.

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