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Research Center Preps for $35M Supercomputer to Study Earth as a Complex System

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) announced that it plans to reveal a powerful supercomputer in 2021 that will aid researchers seeking to study a nascent branch of science the ability to gain a more comprehensive idea of the Earth system as well as analyze phenomena like solar storms, climate change, and extreme weather that threaten human lives. The NCAR machine will replace one that is currently in operation. The new computer will cost roughly $35 million and will be built and installed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise this year at the organization’s supercomputing center in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

NCAR stated that they are looking forward to realizing their goal in making the new system fully operational and being able to transform scientific research to offer a better understanding of the world and solar system. Funding for the National Wyoming Supercomputer Center comes from the National Science Foundation and the state of Wyoming. NCAR is also holding a fun competition for grade school students to help name the new system.

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