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Dutch PM Mark Rutte condemns curfew riots as ‘criminal violence’

Over the weekend, thousands of Dutch protestors gathered in the southern city of Eindhoven to express discontent with new curfews enacted to restrict the spread of Covid-19. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte condemned the riots, calling them an act of “criminal violence.” Protestors looted supermarkets, smashed shop windows, and threw fireworks. Smaller protests also occurred in Amsterdam and other cities around the country.

More than 200 protestors were detained by law enforcement in connection with violence and criminal activity. Golf balls and fireworks were thrown at police, who donned full riot gear. Law enforcement eventually resorted to tear gas to clear the crowds. Rioters throw rocks at the windows of a hospital in Enschede and created barricades with burning bikes. In the northern village of Urk, a Covid-19 testing center was set ablaze on Saturday evening, according to local authorities. The protesters want Dutch authorities to remove Covid-19 restrictions that they deem unjust and in violation of rights.

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