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ADT Tech Hacks Home-Security Cameras to Spy on Women

A former ADT employee recently went to trial, confessing that he accessed customers’ cameras to spy on household members, specifically women. Telesforo Aviles allegedly took note when there were attractive women residing at a home he serviced, all in the Dallas area. He would then add his personal email address to their accounts so he could access the home security cameras at any time, according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Aviles faces up to five years in federal prison for invading the privacy of customers’ homes. Aviles allegedly accessed roughly 200 accounts more than 9,600 times without consent over a period of four and a half years. The US Attorney’s Office stated that Aviles would watch women undress and coupes engage in intercourse for his own sexual gratification. ADT was made aware of the issue in April when a customer reported an unusual and unauthorized email on her account.

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