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Google is investigating the actions of another top AI ethicist

Google is reportedly investigating recent actions taken by Margaret Mitchell, a top artificial intelligence ethicist at the tech giant. The probe into Mitchell follows the forced exit of another prominent researcher on the AI ethics team at Google, Timnit Gebru. Gebru’s exit sparked outrage among Google employees. Google allegedly found that Mitchell had been using automated scripts to search through messages to uncover examples of discriminatory treatment of Gebru. Since Gebru’s exit, Google has attracted criticism from both within and outside the company, putting stress on the AI ethics team.

Google CEO Pichai stated that the company was investigating treatment towards Gebru but has yet to find any details regarding the claim that Gebru was discriminated against at the company. Other Google employees allege that treatment towards minority groups was one of the key reasons behind forming a minority union for employees at Alphabet, Google’s parent firm. Google has confirmed that Mitchell’s email has been locked, stating that they are currently investigating why Mitchell downloaded a large number of company files and shared them with third parties.

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