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Iran unveils its largest military vessel during missile drill

During a mari-time missile drill, Iran’s navy officially inducted its largest military vessel into its fleet. The forward base ship IRIS Makran is said to be able to carry up to five helicopters. The ship joined the fleet with another one capable of firing missiles at a time of tension between Iran and the United States over its nuclear program. The warship was previously an oil tanker that is 228 meters long and was redesigned to act as a base for fast boars, provide logistical support and deploy special forces, among other uses.

Iran also held its first drone drill early in January, testing hundreds of locally made unmanned aerial vehicles. Also, last week, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps unveiled an underground missile base on the Persian Gulf coast, rumoring it to be one of many.  The US and its allies, specifically Suadi Arabia and Israel, see the missile program as a security threat. These developments all come as tensions continue to rise in the days before the Trump administration is due to leave the White House.

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