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Google Warns of Critical Android Remote Code Execution Bug

Google’s latest Andriod security update fixed 43 bugs affecting Android handsets and Samsung phones. Two of the bigs affecting Google’s Andriod handsets were flagged as critical, while the most serious flaw lies in the Andriod System component and allows remote attackers to compromise a device through executing arbitrary code. Two of the critical vulnerabilities patched were apart of Google’s January Andriod security bulletin, which was released this past Monday.

Qualcomm, the manufacturer of the chips used in Andriod devices, also patched a variety of bugs from critical to high severity. Other critical flaws include a remote code execution flaw at the core of the Andriod operating system and a denial of service bug in the Andriod Framework component. The latter is a set of APIs that allow developers to write new apps for Andriod phones. The most severe is the remote code execution flaw, (CVE-2021-0316) which has now been patched for Andriod versions 8.0, 8.1, 9, 10, and 11.

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