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New Lawsuit Takes Aim at Ring After Smart Doorbell Hijacking

Amazon Ring users are suing the manufacturer following a series of hacks on the smart camera devices. The class-action lawsuit joins together complaints filed by 30 users spanning 15 families. The families allege that the company has not provided updated security measures despite the onslaught of security incidents, furthering that the company victim blames and failed to offer adequate responses to the hacks.

In one case, a Ring camera was installed in an eight-year-old girl’s room by her parents. It was hacked by a man who claimed to be Santa Claus and had access to the camera’s video and audio, through which he played unsettling music and taunted the child. Other cited occurrences include users being threatened with sexual assault, murder, racial slurs, and blackmail. The suit claims that the company should have required two-factor authentication to ensure that they are protecting users.

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