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Apple supplier Lens Technology accused of using forced Uighur labor

Lens Technology, a Chinese supplier of consumer electronics components for brands such as Apple, has been accused of capitalizing on Uighur Muslim detention in China and using forced labor workers to produce the tech. A report from Tech Transparency details the accusation, claiming that the workers were paid little to nothing and forced to work long days in Xinjiang, China. Lens Technology supplies components to companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Tesla.

Tech Transparency has accused Lens Tech of feeding the ongoing detention and forced labor campaign against the ethnic minority, citing the humanitarian crisis and violation of human rights. The investigative document cites media reports that show Lens Technology was sent thousands of workers from Xinjiang to work in its factories in Hunan. The company claims that this was a poverty alleviation program. However, Tech Transparency also cited a video in which hundreds of workers appear to be sitting outside a building with a banner exposing their origin and employment at the company.

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