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Hackers Amp Up COVID-19 IP Theft Attacks

The Covid-19 pandemic has been used by cybercriminals to leverage public fear and lure victims into giving up personal information in BEC, phishing, and scam attacks since February. This trend slowed down months ago but has re-started as countries began to approve vaccines to be administered and fear levels resided. However, the public has expressed concerns over the safety of the vaccine. Rather than use catchy Covid-19 headlines to attract clicks on malicious links, nation-state hackers are now targeting companies developing and administering vaccines.

Espionage attacks have been focused on the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain, with threat actors deploying the Zebrocy malware. Earlier this month, threat actors were able to breach an organization’s network and access documentation submitted to EU regulators regarding the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine. The US DHS also warned that the Russian APT group Cozy Bear had been targeting British, Canadian, and American research companies and pharmaceutical organizations.

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