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Law enforcement take down three bulletproof VPN providers

This week, European and American law enforcement agencies have taken down the infrastructure of three VPN services used by cybercriminals to conduct cyberattacks. Authorities from the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands coordinated on the seize, which will hopefully hinder the capabilities of cybercriminals using the VPNs to conduct attacks. The services were active at three URLs, insorg .org, safe-inet .com, and safe-inet .net before the domains were seized by authorities and replaced with law enforcement banners.

According to authorities, the services have been active for over 10 years and may be operated by the same threat actor group. They were heavily advertised to Russian and English-speaking cybercrime forums hosted on the dark web. Access was sold for prices of roughly $1.3/day or $190/year. Europol and the US Department of Justice claim that the servers were used to protect the identities of ransomware gangs, Magecart groups, phishers, and other criminals.

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