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World closes borders to Britain as new coronavirus strain breeds panic

Countries such as India, Poland, Switzerland, Russia, and Hong Kong have suspended travel for UK residents after Prime Minister Boris Johnson released information claiming that a mutated variant of the virus had been discovered within the country. Japan and South Korea have not moved to close their borders to Britons yet, and are monitoring the situation. Other countries that have shut down travel to and from the UK include Austria, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Israel.

The discovery of the mutated strain comes just months before vaccines are expected to be widely available. However, the strain has renewed panic over the pandemic that has killed 1.7 million worldwide. Two people traveling from the UK to New South Wales were found to be carrying the mutated virus. Experts have advised people to remain calm but exercise extreme caution and to strictly adhere to all COVID-19 regulations set forth by healthcare organizations. The strain has proven to be more infectious but has the same symptoms and death rate thus far.

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