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Meet the man Netanyahu has picked to lead Israel’s Mossad

Benjamin Netanyahu has announced who he will appoint be the 13th director of Mossad, a man known only as “D” until he is confirmed by a review board led by former Supreme Court Judge Eliezer Goldberg and the cabinet. D will replace outgoing chief Yossi Cohan, who has served for five and a half years. D is allegedly a current deputy of Israel’s spy agency and, pending confirmation, will resume office in June 2021.

President-elect Joe Biden is seeking to re-impose an original nuclear deal signed in July 2015 by the six major powers and Tehran. D will be tasked with the difficult mission of providing the prime minister with intelligence and strategy analysis to determine the best moves for the country. The appointed official will need to effectively dictate to the Prime Minister what should occur in terms of foreign policy, even if it challenges Netanyahu’s stance.

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