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AI Just Controlled a Military Plane for the First Time Ever

The US Air Force has successfully flown its first flight guided by Artificial Intelligence on a U-2 spy plane in California. This is the first time Artificial Intelligence technology has controlled a US military system. The groundbreaking flight combined AI technology with US Air Force capabilities developed by the Air Combat Command’s U-2 Federal Laboratory. The AI algorithm was designed to execute specific in-flight tasks that would otherwise be handled by the pilot.

The historic event proves that AI-driven planes aren’t reserved for fantasy books and that this idea is feasible. Although the flight was a small step for AI after completing over a million training runs, it’s a huge development for both the defense and technology industries. The US Military has been behind in implementing cutting-edge technology during the digital age, however, in recent years it has propelled itself into the next generation of tech uses in defense with several initiatives.

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