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Singapore adds face verification, multi-user SMS to SingPass 2FA

Singapore has added even more security measures to its SingPass, an online portal that allows residents to access electronic government services. The latest update includes face verification as a method of two-factor authentication (2FA) to log into their accounts. They can also perform 2FA by sending an SMS one-time password to themselves, or to another SingPass user to aid the digitally challenged in navigating the platform. The additional security tactics were introduced as part of a program to create a digitally inclusive society in Singapore, according to the Government Technology Agency.

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore was responsible for the rollouts, which are clarified in a statement made on Wednesday. The agency is tasked with conducting all smart nation and ICT rollouts. Singapore plans to create a panel of global experts to offer their advice on operational technology cybersecurity and launch a blueprint that aims to secure digital infrastructure. Singapore has been focused on cybersecurity for a while and is now acting on these goals to offer secure government services and prevent cyberattacks.

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