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Russian Hackers Broke Into Federal Agencies, U.S. Officials Suspect

A shocking development to US-Russia tensions has occurred as news emerges that Russia has conducted one of the most sophisticated and extensive cyberattacks against the US in more than five years. The campaign was exposed when email systems were breached at the Treasury and Commerce Departments. The Trump administration acknowledged that there had been a breach perpetrated by a foreign government, stating that the hackers had free access to email systems. Other branches are currently under investigation as several national security-related agencies were also targeted.

The Trump administration offered little information about the hack but confirmed that the hacks are unrelated to the election.  Russia may have been combing through Treasury and Commerce Department emails for weeks before US cybersecurity officials detected the breach. Late Sunday night, the Department of Homeland Security ordered all agencies to shut down any complex piece of network management software made by SolarWinds, the same tech that brought up concerns in the FireEye hack.

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