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How AI Helps Advance Immunotherapy And Precision Medicine

Nucleai, Tel-Aviv based AI software developer, is seeking to create software for image analysis and pathology data modeling to assist scientists and doctors in developing more effective drugs, such as immunotherapies for cancer treatment. The startup is focusing on creating a multi-disciplinary approach to the challenge of ineffective predictive biomarkers, which are a molecule found in blood and signs of normal or abnormal processes. Biomarkers are often used to identify conditions or diseases and detect how individuals are responding to treatment.

However, pharmaceutical companies have experienced a 90% failure rate in oncology trials and are seeing new approaches to identifying predictive biomarkers, which would help to obtain regulatory approval for new drugs. Nucleai seeks to analyze the way that immune system cells of cancer patients going through drug trials are located. Nucleai seeks to train its AI software by using million of patient records from its medical centers in the US and Israel.

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